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Created on 2010-09-13 23:11:15 (#630587), last updated 2010-11-02 (359 weeks ago)

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Community description:A fic prompt and ficathon community for BtVS fans.
Buffy Ficcing is a prompt-and-ficathon community for Buffyverse fanficcers.

Fortnightly Ficlets

Every second Wednesday, a new prompt will be posted to the comm. You can use that prompt to write a ficlet set in the Buffyverse, and post it here!

- All ficlets should be under 1000 words.
- Any ratings are allowed, but please label anything R or NC-17 rated.
- Use a cut for anything longer than a drabble (100 words).


We will provide space for hosting Buffyverse ficathons!

- If you want to run a ficathon, feel free to do it here.
- If you want to promote a Buffyverse ficathon being hosted somewhere else, that's fine too.
- If you want to promote a ficathon that's not just about the Buffyverse (eg- a vampire-show ficathon, including BtVS, True Blood, Twilight, etc), please ask a mod first.

[FAQ coming... if I ever come up with any]

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